Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Men & Boys Paintball

Some of the men & boys of DPC recently enjoyed a paintball adventure.  To the left you'll see George displaying his awesome paintball prowess.  He was really amazing.

You'll also see to the right that Keith took great pleasure in getting a taste for the sport.

There will be more men & boys adventures in the days ahead.  Stay tuned.


  1. Who shot George in the head? And pink paint makes it seem less... aggressive(?) Looks like fun... I think this would make a excellent WIC event. hahahaha

  2. Pink is George's color, for sure. Not sure who shot him.

    I would pay good money to see the Women In the Church do this. Very good money.


  3. Not about paintball...
    I notice you have a plug on here for Wendell Berry's fictional works.
    I've been a fan of Berry for over 20 years. His non-fiction is also VERY good. I was so enamored of him & his work that I made a pilgrimage to his home near Port Huron, KY, to meet him. Unfortunately, he was out of town at the time.


  4. Hey Scott, that's great to know! Scott Mayo is another fan, and they did meet when Scott lived in Kentucky. I've also considered trying to arrange a time to enjoy a meal with him, but I've never put any wheels on the idea. I absolutely love his works. As Eugene Peterson says, if you read his fiction & just replace the words "farm," "fields," & such as that with words like "church," "parish," & so on, you will have an excellent pastoral theology.