Monday, August 23, 2010

Four Things

Dear Church family & friends,

There are four things happening in the life and ministry of DPC this fall of which I want to make you aware...

Stronger Marriages
Marriages are under attack these days.  And it's not just because a handful of states several hundred miles away keep moving towards more and more recognition of same-sex marriages.  No, it's not that simple.  Marriages are under attack right here and right now.  If marriage really is meant to be a dramatization of the gospel — as the Bible repeatedly claims — then it is truly a huge thing for Adam's unruly children to grow into. We're going to need to encourage one another, strengthen our own commitment to marriage, and deepen our understanding of the counter-cultural implications of a union so profound that the Bible actually calls it "one flesh."  It's time for some push back.  It's past time.

Starting Sunday night, September 12 — and continuing to meet every second Sunday night of the month for a long, long time — we're going to have something of a "monthly workshop" for marriages.  We'll be meeting from 6:00 - 7:05 pm in the gathering room. Childcare will be provided.  For the first ten monthly meetings, we're going to be watching DVD's of Paul David Tripp presenting his marriage conference entitled,  What Did You Expect?  Redeeming the Realities of Marriage.  It's excellent.  We'll have some brief discussion after each session.

This ministry is for anyone who is married, who was once married, or who may be married some day in the future.  The whole world is invited.  Please tell them.

Leadership Training Class
DPC is in need of more givers, more leaders, more servants.  For seven Sunday nights (see the schedule below), I'm going to be teaching a Leadership Training Class.  Please note the topics listed below.  You'll see that the purpose of the class is not to make a bunch of Winston Churchills out of us.  Nor is the purpose for us to become graduate-level theologians.

Rather, the purpose is to challenge participants to be actively involved in their own spiritual growth and in the discipleship of others in the Body of Christ by serving in various “servant-leadership” capacities.  Eventually (not right away) this class will be required for anyone who serves the church in any leadership role whatsoever — from serving as an elder to serving as the Toddler Sunday School Class teacher... and everything in between and beyond.

This class will meet at the church from 6:00 - 7:00 pm on the Sunday nights listed below.  Childcare is provided.  It's open to men, women, teens, members, attenders, Alabama fans, Auburn fans, etc.  But to attend you must sign up.  See me if you'd like to sign up.  Or you can call the office at 256.351.6010.
September 26 Introduction:  A Reformed Church... With a Mission... Looking for Leaders
October 17 Leadership According to Jesus
October 24 The Leader & His / Her Bible
November 21 Rightly Handling the Word of Truth (Bible Interpretation)
December 5 The Leader & His / Her Prayers
January 9 The Leader's Life & Accountability
January 16 Leadership Involves Challenges... & Rewards

Iron Men Breakfast & Bible Study
A large part of the reason why marriages are under attack is because men are under attack.  Today's culture is rough on a man who wants to "keep his way pure" (Psalm 119.9).  You need to be a part of a true band of brothers, or you are going to be picked off by the enemy.

"Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another" (Proverbs 27.17).  If you're not being sharpened by brothers, you're being dulled by the world.

Tuesday mornings, 6:30 - 7:30 am (sharp!).  We'll be eating breakfast together & then discussing the book of Ecclesiastes ("A Life Worth Living").  All men & older boys are invited.  Invite friends from outside of the church as well.  We need to talk about the life worth living.

Iron Men:  Forged by God, Sharpened by Brothers.

Wednesday Night Ministries
Wednesday night ministries will resume on September 8.  The fellowship meal begins at 5:30 pm (see the Sunday bulletin for details about the meal), with events for all ages starting at 6:15 pm.  Adults can choose between choir practice (with Stu!) or the Wednesday Night Adult Bible Study.  We'll be continuing our study of 1st Samuel, picking up in chapter 9:  Saul: The Rise & Fall of a King.

Let us not neglect to meet together!  Rather, let us encourage one another... and all the more as you see the Day drawing near,

Tommy Lee

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