Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Progress and Upward Mobility

My wife recently showed me this passage from a book she was reading.  The book is "Miss Julia Takes Over," by Ann B. Ross.  This is hilarious:

"I hurried back across the parking lot... thinking to myself
that it was past time for [the pastor] to get a call to another church.  It'd been my experience that the Lord never called a preacher to a smaller, less affluent congregation than the one he was in, it being plain that the Lord believes in progress and upward mobility as much as any American.  But would you ever get a preacher to admit to such a thing?  No, you wouldn't.  I've heard preacher after preacher in my day get up in the pulpit and with a long face and sadness dripping from his words announce that the Lord had called him elsewhere.  He acts as if it's a matter of great regret to him, as if he's making a huge sacrifice to obey the Lord's leading and accept a call to a larger church and a bigger salary.  Have you ever noticed that?

I decided then and there that if [the pastor kept doing things that annoyed her], I was going to see if I couldn't arrange a call from the Lord.  I knew some Presbyterians in a large church down in South Carolina who were looking for a preacher.  A note to the effect that Pastor Ledbetter might be open to a move should do the trick.  I might even be open to contributing to the salary they were offering, just to get him away from here.  If I could get away with it."

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