Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Two Conversations

A father who recently gave his daughter away in marriage told me about a conversation he once had with his prospective son-in-law.  It went something like this...

Father:  "Boy, do you know Jesus?"

Prospective Son-in-Law:  "Yes, Sir!"

Father:  "Good.  Because if you ever hurt my daughter, I'm going to send you to meet him real fast."

Another father of my acquaintance recently gave his daughter away in marriage as well.  This father conducted an interview with the prospective son-in-law.  Part of the interview went like this:

Father:  "Tell me why you want to marry my daughter in particular.  Why her?  Why do you think -- out of all the women in the world -- that she's the right one for you?"

Prospective Son-in-Law:  "Because I believe that she can help me reverse the curse."

You gotta love God's institution of marriage.  There's so much going on in it!  Fathers giving the care of beloved daughters away to other men -- men they pray will be honorable...  Two sinners daring to become one flesh, risking so much of their future happiness on this one other person...  Adam's unruly children uniting together and hoping -- if they are believers -- that their union will be the kind of union that truly participates in and gets swept along with Christ's work of redemption in this broken world.

It's a lot to grow into.

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