Thursday, December 9, 2010


Just got this note about Dr. Roger Nicole, a Christian scholar & author, whose works I've read here & there...

Dr. Roger Nicole... is turning 95 on Dec. 10. He is currently in the hospital. [A friend of Dr. Nicole's] said, "I just returned from a visit with Dr. Nicole. I feel that I have been in the presence of a great saint so eager to meet his Savior." She reports that Dr. Nicole said to her “I’m ready to go, I’m actually quite comfortable, nothing hurts, I’m not hungry. I actually thought dying was going to be a lot harder. I’m thankful to be in the hospital. Whether I die here or at the Village is inconsequential. It’s a lot more important where I lived and how. I’m not afraid of judgment because all my sins have been wiped out completely by the blood of Jesus Christ. All I look forward to is the joy of the life to come.”

May we all be as ready & as welcoming when our appointed day comes.

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