Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some Goals for 2011

  • No more letting vocational stress follow me home where it creates a grumpy, distracted husband & father.
  • More dates with my wife.
  • More one-on-one time spent with individual kids... including a father/son overnight outing with the 13 year old.
  • A return to the wonderful grace & discipline of Scripture memory.  Lead the family in this as well. 
  • My closet will be awesomely organized & kept that way. People will cross state lines just to see this marvel of human orderliness.
  • I will finally move completely out of the boxes that are still embarrassingly stacked up in the corners of my office.
  • Take a few fun, quick family roadtrips.  
  • Bicycle more.  Find a great trail.
  • Know & love the sport of soccer better so that I might be a more useful coach.
  • More diligence in the kids' Bible classes.
  • I'm doing at least 40,000 pushups this year.
  • Outside the pushups, I hope to exercise at least twice a week.  If I hit 3 times a week, I'll seriously impress myself.
  • Repair the backyard fence.
  • Seriously think about getting a puppy.
  • Develop a wider, broader sphere of friendships in Decatur.  
  • Subscribe to the local newspaper & read it.
  • Eat in a more healthy fashion.  Sometimes.  Maybe.
  • Continue to get back into the joy of reading outside of "work."
  • Never let my e-mail inbox # exceed 25.
  • Mature in the "shepherding" aspect of being a pastor. 
  • Visit 2 RUF ministers in the state of Alabama & seek to encourage them in the greatness of their work.
  • Prayerfully see the Lord begin to raise up the next generation of elders & deacons at DPC.
  • Learn how to play poker.

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