Monday, April 4, 2011

Frank & Barbara Barker

Second man from the left in the picture above is Frank Barker, former pastor of Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham.

My family & I read his book "Flight Path" several months ago, and then wrote to ask Pastor Barker and his wife Barbara if we might be able to take them out to eat and enjoy a visit with them. Frank immediately returned the letter with a phone call, and we did indeed enjoy an afternoon visit over some BBQ.

This last Saturday Barbara spoke to the women of DPC at a one-day retreat. And then on Sunday Frank spoke to the men & boys during the Christian Education class time while Barbara spoke again to the women & girls. And in the worship service Frank preached from John 15.

Funniest true story (of many) that we heard over lunch afterwards: A 102 year old woman confided in her pastor: "I need to hurry up & die! My husband died 41 years ago. He's going to think I went to Hell!"

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