Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week of Rest, Part II

Some favorite things, continued:

  • discovering -- through a conversation with my sister-in-law -- that the old lady in the church that I mentioned in the post below was actually well into her 90's. Wow.
  • finding myself seriously planning ways to make one last doomed effort (at 41 years of age) to get my body back in shape.
  • wondering if maybe Harold Camping was right after all... maybe I have been in heaven since 6:00 pm on Saturday.
  • hearing and having conversations with little ones all day long. Like these, for instance: a three-year old toots, I look over at her, she sheepishly says, "My booty did that." ... or the six-year old who calls those hateful horseflies that swoop down to bite you at the pool, "horsebugs" ... or the group of siblings & cousins who were pretending to be a band when one of my kids (thinking of the praise band at church) takes control: "Okay, we need one drummer, 2 guitars, a fluter, a trumpet, and a singer..."
  • the jacuzzi attached to the swimming pool attached to the beach house attached to the beach attached to the ocean. Great Scott. I am not worthy.
  • reading an awesome book in the glorious Florida sunshine by the pool. 100 pages into The Prince of Tides & it's phenomenal. Love the story of how the Wingo family became Roman Catholics. Not that I would recommend that path to anyone, but whatastory. When the story gets too good to keep reading -- because one needs to think about what he just read -- one just jumps into the pool & joins the game of Marco Polo.
  • walking on the beach in the daytime: the fine sand, the waves, the shells, the kids exploring the beauty & wonder of creation... the fact that apparently we are THE ONLY PEOPLE at this beech this week! It's not just that it's uncrowded -- it's that there is no crowd. We basically have this entire beach to ourselves. No commercialization at all. They call this "The Forgotten Beach"... & it's true!
  • A visit from the owner of the beach house & her three seven-week-old Weimaraner puppies. I need one of these.
  • Playing Uno with my daughter & nieces. I always cheat at Uno. It's the only way to keep the game interesting. But I tell everyone I'm going to cheat & they can too... so it's fair. But if you're caught cheating, you have to draw three cards.
  • closing out the Lord's Day with the whole family out on the deck, singing hymns -- while watching the waves crash into the shore. Oh, the undiminishable wonder of our God... and the kicker is that his wonder will still be undiminishable 100,000,000 years into eternity.


  1. What a kick we are getting out of reading your blog this week! Glad you are having such a wonderful time! We bring you greetings from Sinclair Ferguson, who we worshipped with yesterday in SC!!! Love, Steve and Jean

  2. Thank you, Steve & Jean! The week is going to end too quickly; I can feel it already. Glad you got to visit with your family & sit under the ministry of Pastor/Dr. Ferguson again. I need to get on their website & hear him sometime. I heard him once in seminary, and it was very memorable.

  3. Awww, aren't they sweet to have a fluter! Heather

  4. I'm glad you saw that! That was you.

    You're our favorite fluter!

  5. I love when you are fluting Heather--its simply beautiful!