Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Week of Rest, Part III

More splendid moments and wonderful memories of this week of rest:

  • four members of the family went fishing in the bay. That night we ate trout like kings -- trout that had been heedlessly enjoying themselves mere hours before. In addition to the trout, Son #1 caught a spanish mackerel (illustrated above), & Nephew #1 caught two lemon sharks (one of which was bigger than he is). Also caught were some blue fish & lady fish. All told 26 fish died at their hands that day. They were delicious.
  • taking all the kids on a night-time golf cart ride down the beach & finding a bajillion ghost crabs everywhere. The kids would all leap out of the golf cart at first & surround the crab (if he stayed above ground). Then the crab would nervously start moving around, inevitably heading towards three or four of the kids. Of course, they would freak out & go leaping & falling over each other to get out of the way. Except for Nephew #1 (the shark-catcher). He would jump towards the crab in hopes of catching it... & I presume eating it raw. He's that kind of kid. Weird. He did catch a couple of the smaller ones. And got pinched by a larger one. But -- undeterred -- he dove at the next crab too. He's got courage!
  • the glories of sandcastles. The kind of sandcastles kids labor over for hours.
  • scrapping a net deeply into the sand beneath the waves & seeing what comes up -- hermit crabs & shells of every size & shape & color.
  • taking kids way out from the shore on an inflatable boat & letting the tides bring us back. Trying to keep Nephew #1 from jumping into the ocean to see if he can wrestle up another shark.
  • sleeping under the starry night sky with Son #1. So many stars. I was reminded of Yahweh's boast to his friend Abraham: “Look toward heaven, and number the stars, if you are able to number them.” And the moon. And the sunrise. Reminded of Psalm 8.1: "You have set your glory above the heavens."
  • is any nap so sweet as a dozing nap on a comfortable lounge chair, on the beach, in the sun, having read & played yourself into a state of delightful drowsiness?
  • campfire on the beach

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