Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Week of Rest, Part IV


  • So... Nephew #1 & Nephew #2 are walking around the beach house & they see a snake. If you think these two young boys cautiously backed away from the snake & alerted a responsible adult, you haven't been paying attention. Nephew #1 grabs a net & traps the snake. He plays with the snake for a while (through the net) & then places some rocks on different parts of the net to keep the snake trapped. Then he goes for a swim in the pool with the other kids. Later Nephew #2 (just a little guy) shows my 3-year-old daughter & me the snake -- trapped & apparently forgotten. The diamond-shaped head & the instinct to lift its tail & "rattle" it -- while assuming a striking position -- cause me a bit of concern... even though the tail didn't really have a full "rattle" as far as I could tell. With my father-in-law holding the snake while I look up a snakes-in-Florida-identification website, we identify it as a Dusky Pygmy Rattlesnake. Quite venomous. If you're keeping track, this means that in the last few days Nephew #1 has caught...

two man-eating lemon sharks...

several ghost crabs...

& now a venomous rattlesnake.

I can't wait to see what this kid grows up to be. He makes the Crocodile Hunter look predictable & boring.

At lunch we were discussing what his next catch might be. A couple of us are rooting for the giant squid.

  • another enjoyable view into wildlife is all treefrogs this place has at night. If you study them very carefully when they're hunting bugs, you can actually see the tongues come out & grab the bugs. Cool.

  • Son #2 was using some floaty "noodles" today to return to the shore from being out in the ocean, well beyond his ability to "touch." As he came into the breakers, he was starting to worry a bit because the waves were pretty big (from his eight-year-old perspective). After shouting some encouraging words of instruction to him, & enjoying watching how he was handling it, I finally told him: "Now stand up!" The water only came up to just above his knees. The expression on his face was beyond my powers of description. Kids are awesome.


  1. this kid is great.he does make croc hunters a little dumb.but i am also great with venoumouse and non snakes .gators and alligator.i dont have much interest in sharks.and nature is prediction is he will grow up to be a natural studiest whom studies and spends a lot of time whith nature at his palm ,THANK YOU FOR READING!

  2. ok.whats the big deal with this kid he is just popular like when you show up on comercials and some in magazines.he isnt famous yet .(use jb as an example)