Wednesday, June 8, 2011

General Assembly News

So far the most interesting thing to happen at General Assembly this week has been the moment when I discovered that my hotel-issued conditioner (which I found waiting for me on the bathroom counter next to my hotel-issued shampoo) was actually hotel-issued body lotion.

No wonder my hair looked so shiny for a couple of days.

Actually, there have been some wonderful seminars & some very enjoyable fellowship with beloved brothers in Christ.

Looking forward to worship tonight after the day's business is over. I hear that Tim Keller is preaching.


  1. Steve and I are laughing out loud--seriously!--over your shiny hair! Sorry we missed seeing that. What a treat to hear Tim Keller! We are praying for you this week and especially for your safe travel, and for Elizabeth and the kids while you are gone. So glad to be members!!!!! Love, Steve and Jean

  2. Thank you, Steve & Jean! I'm very thankful for prayers at all times, but especially when I'm away from my family. And I'm so happy to have you all in membership at DPC. What a wonderful gift from God the Father to us!