Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eagle? What eagle?

I love this picture.

And what's especially fun about it is that my family & I were only a few rows to the right! Some very generous friends gave us some great tickets to the Auburn / MSU game. If you look at the video of this event (click here), you'll see two kids in maroon just to the right of Spirit's dramatic near-entry into the covered section of the stadium. Those are my two oldest! And then if you look a few seats over from them (in the aisle, but you can't tell it), you'll see the rest of us.

The Bulldogs didn't get it together for this game -- and that was disappointing, to be sure -- but we had a wonderful day at Auburn! For the most part the famous Auburn hospitality was beautifully on display. "Welcome to Auburn!" -- we were told this again and again, by young & old... even though we were clearly Maroon & White (see photographic evidence below).

There were a couple of rude folks. Like the crusty old man who told my wife & daughter to sit down when they stood up to cheer the first MSU touchdown. I was considering whether or not to eliminate him through the measured use of utter annihilation when other Auburn fans stepped in and apologized for his behavior. Near miss on his part.

As you can see, the kingdom of God is all about reconciliation.

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