Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Do

After an opening illustration about a confusing jumble of a jigsaw puzzle -- in which you have no edge pieces to provide borders & boundaries... oh, and someone's thrown in similar-looking pieces from a different puzzle that just won't fit this puzzle no matter how hard you try to force them... and by the way you have no picture on the box cover to go by, etc. -- this is what Tim Kimmell says about parenting in the first few pages of his book Grace Based Parenting:

"I have just described the job of raising children. You labor for many years to put the right pieces all together, but when your children grow up, they often don't resemble what you thought you were creating. Even with the disappointments, however, raising children is still the greatest thing you'll ever do. It's greater than any milestone you can hit in your career. It dwarfs any fame you may receive for your ideas or your inventions. You've been handed a piece of history in advance -- a gracious gift you send to a time you will not see -- and you play the biggest role in how that history will ultimately be recorded. That's why, in spite of the challenges, you need to have a plan for parenting that works."

I love this puzzle. May all who attempt this puzzle pray daily for the grace and wisdom, courage and honesty, mercy and truth, humor and hope, freedom and godliness, compassion and conviction, tenderness and strength, repentance and faith, humility and sacrifice to embrace the confusing jumble with sheer joy!

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