Friday, December 30, 2011

"She's going to a ballgame!"

As Mississippi State heads into its BCS bowl appearance today, I'm remembering something from a couple of days ago...

For Christmas someone gave my 3-year-old daughter a sticker book of dolls & their accessories. She asked me to play it with her. So, we sit down on the floor together & she points out the doll or accessory she wants & I peel it off the page for her so she can create the doll she wants on another sheet of paper.

{...brief aside: I completely botched the first doll I tried to peel off. It was tearing in 4 places, so I finally said, "Let's let your mom get that one for you; I'm going to get this one." And having learned how to do it, I peeled this one off perfectly. The 3-year-old: "Daddy, I think Jesus is helping you with that one!"...}

But anyway... I peel off the doll & she applies it to her sheet of paper. Then I peel off the tights that she points out. Then the dress. Then the socks. Then the shoes. Then the hair bow. This little doll is coming together very well, and all color-coordinated too - right down to the underwear she started out in.

Then, there's this other accessory in the same color. It looks like a small triangle with a stick rising up from the middle of it. It's supposed to be a profile view of a purse in the one-dimensional world of sticker dolls.

But she points to it & I dutifully peel it off & hand it to her. She puts it in the doll's hand.

I ask my daughter what that is... & she says... "She's going to a ballgame!"

Meaning... in her mind... it was a COWBELL!

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