Monday, January 2, 2012

Teaching Chivalry to Boys - "cheerfully and with a smile"

In some very profound ways, this is a difficult time to teach young boys what it means to grow into the manners of godly manhood -- part of which means being always ready and willing to lovingly sacrifice yourself for others, most notably women & children & the elderly. I'll take practical help wherever I can get it.

This is a great quote from the very first edition of the Boy Scout Handbook...

"The same thing that entered into the training of these men, knights, pioneers ... must enter into the training of the boy scouts of today. Just as they respected women and served them, so the tenderfoot and the scout must be polite and kind to women, not merely to well-dressed women, but to poorly dressed women; not merely to young women, but to old women: to women wherever they may be found -- wherever they may be. To these a scout must always be courteous and helpful. When a scout is walking with a lady or a child, he should always walk on the outside of the sidewalk, so that he can better protect them against the jostling crowds. This rule is only altered when crossing the street, when the scout should get between the lady and the traffic, so as to shield her from accident or mud. Also in meeting a woman or child, a scout, as a matter of course, should always make way for them even if he himself has to step off the sidewalk into the mud. When riding in a streetcar or train a scout should never allow a woman, an elderly person, or a child to stand, but will offer his seat; and when he does it he should do it cheerfully and with a smile."

~ Lord Baton-Powell, 1911 (pages 243,244)

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