Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Common Ground

The Common Ground Marriage Weekend
starts this Friday!

Click HERE for the conference schedule.

Marriage is meant for oneness--to be a relationship of mutual support--but it often brings tension and relational frustration. Marriage is hard but it doesn't have to lead to hardened and divided hearts. The difficulty of marriage can actually turn you toward the Lord when you let him soften your heart and guide you toward rest and togetherness (Common Ground) with your spouse.

There are unique ways God calls a husband and wife toward Common Ground and participating in this seminar will help you understand the unique pathway you can follow as a husband or a wife that will take you through a hardened heart toward genuine togetherness. Participating in the weekend will give you a richer understanding of what a redemptive marriage looks like, uncover the core obstacles that get in the way of marital togetherness, help you more clearly identify your path toward togetherness and provide you with a refreshing and hope-filled view of how the Gospel and marriage compliment one another.

Our speaker will be Dr. Gordon Bals, founder and director of Daymark Pastoral Counseling. He speaks regularly on the topic of marriage and loves to help couples hear the Scriptures in redemptive and life-giving ways so that they have more understanding, passion, and faith to demonstrate the love they have for each other.

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