Friday, March 23, 2012

Kickball. DPC. Bring it on.

Church family,

Let me quickly tell you one of the most rewarding things I've ever seen in a church family (this was back in Missouri)...

There's a young pre-teen-to-teenage boy and there's a middle-aged man. As long as they've been aware of one another's existence, they've basically ignored each other. Apparently nothing in common. Just inhabiting the same room for a couple of hours every Sunday morning. They know nothing of the richness of one another's lives and personalities.

But then one week you see them, and suddenly they're smiling big in each other's presence! They're telling stories, making jokes, shaking hands, becoming friends, learning from each other, sharing life together. ...What made the difference?

The Sunday afternoon previous to the transformation our church family had enjoyed a Sunday afternoon softball game together. The middle-aged man (seeing that the young boy was struggling at the plate) gave the kid some hitting tips. And the tips worked. The boy could hit. But it wasn't just a bat to ball connection that was finally made; a life to life connection was made. And it was awesome. Such is the power of sport and play when it's shared together as a family.

This Sunday. Kickball. At DPC. 2:00pm. Everyone's Invited. Bring a friend. Bring a lawn chair. Bring a cooler. Bring your best game, but it doesn't have to be any good. Children and adults on every team. Also: we've been preparing the fields by cutting the grass & annihilating the ants, but you still might also want to have shoes on every child.

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