Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Redeem the Time, Part IV

In earlier posts (click HERE for part III) we were considering God's command in Ephesians 5 to Redeem the Time that is given to us.

A few more thoughts along these lines...

  • How we use our time is a precious decision. It determines what kind of person we're becoming. Are we maturing? Growing? Reflecting the glory of God? Enjoying his presence in all the moments of this life? Or are we wasting and squandering and frittering away all of our time on stupid trifles to the point that we're diminishing all the time - become flat-souled people?
  • Our time here is actually quite short. And whenever a commodity is scarce, a high value is placed upon it. See 2 Kings 6.25 for an extreme example of that! We should prize our time in this world. There is a boundary set upon it; we just don't know where and when that boundary is. The Lord knows.
  • And once a certain season of life is gone, it's gone. Your childhood, your youth, the early days of marriage before kids, the time when the kids are small, the time when the kids are at home, time with parents, time with grandparents, the number of Lord's Day worship services we have allotted to us, the number of springs/summers/falls/winters we get to enjoy, the time you have to devote to the noble calling God entrusted to your stewardship, etc.

May the Lord give us wisdom to use our time purposefully.

When we see or hear of someone who's done something extremely foolish we sometimes say "He's thrown away his entire future with one terrible act. How horrible."

And indeed that is horrible. But aimlessly throwing it all away in little pieces or big chunks day by day is not much better.

We cringe to see people doing that with their money. But time is worth far more than money.

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