Thursday, May 10, 2012

Canyons & Lakes!

The picture above is of Son #2 joining some of the rest of us who also flew off the rope swing into Bear Lake several days back when we enjoyed a quick camping trip with my mom & dad.

Nearby Bear Lake is Dismals Canyon, which is absolutely beautiful and full of rich history.  The crazy thing is that the area is completely surrounded by normal-looking farmlands.  But then suddenly this canyon opens up and you go down to a completely different world.

And the canyon is also home to these little glow-in-the-dark creatures they call "Dismalites."  According to our tour guide, there are only three places on earth where these creatures are found: Australia, New Zealand, and Dismals Canyon in Alabama.

Should you visit the area, you could also go see longest Natural Bridge east of the Rockies...

100 Great Things About Living in Alabama:

#66... Dismals Canyon & Bear Lake


  1. I know of a little place in the Sipsey Wilderness where there are "dismalites" as well! Very cool to be camping near this overhang & see the little "guys" lite up in the dark. Love these picrtures!

    - "Mr. glenn"

  2. I'd love to hear where that is! ... Yeah, I began to suspect that not everything our tour guide was telling us was gospel truth when we were told that Raymond Burr hid out in a cave there for months after he killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel. ... I kept asking myself why Perry Mason would want to kill Alexander Hamilton, and how he overcame the time travel problem.

    But dismalites are amazing! Some scientific cable show is going to air a special on them sometime in the next year.