Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"I am going fishing!" - Simon Peter, John 21.3

Last week my family & I joined grandparents & uncle & aunt & cousins at a beautiful beach in Port St. Joe, Florida, and it was great.

One of the highlights was going fishing for a day out in the bay!  My daughter Calli brought in a MONSTER Red Fish that was delicious (see illustration above).  Before she brought it in, the thing took her on a tour of the whole circumference of the boat.  It was trying to run & she was steadily trying to reel it in.  In the end, she won the contest & we dined heartily that night.  I was proud of her!

And my son Joseph brought in a Flounder - an amazing fish that's almost as interesting to study (check out its eyes!) as it is tasty to eat.  My mouth is watering just with the memories of the feast.

The rest of us caught a whole bunch of trout & other good stuff, but those two were the trophies.

Oh, and we all caught our share of sharks too.  Very cool creatures... in a deadly, predatory, cold-blooded, carnivorous, stealthy kind of way.

But it's good to be back in Decatur, Alabama!

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