Friday, May 18, 2012

The Posture Needed for Prayer

The end of the gospels teach us something pretty profound about prayer.  Jesus keeps telling his men that something terrible is about to happen.  And when it does happen, he'll be dead (for a while, anyway) and they will all be scattered in fear.

That's when you see something interesting take place.

You have Peter, super-confident that he'll be able to withstand the coming disaster, making all these blustery boasts about his own courage & faithfulness.  So when Jesus implores him to pray, he takes naps instead.  After all, if you're going to be the last one standing in battle, you've got to have your rest.

And then you have Jesus -- the very Son of God Himself -- torn up with temptation, falling down on his face before his Father in prayer, begging for help, not at all relying on his own self-sufficiency.

If Jesus Himself needs to pray...  how much more does Peter?  James?  John?  Me?  You?

But how often do we play the part of Peter?  It's easier to be the hero in my mind and imagination than it is to fall down on my face and pray.

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