Monday, July 9, 2012

Deeper Roots

In a recent article on significant cultural trends over the last decade Andy Crouch points out that young adults meeting one another these days don't ask "What do you do?" as much as they use to.  Rather they ask, "Where do you live?"

Studies are showing that more and more people are changing their careers in order to stay in a town they call home... rather than changing the town they call home in order to stay in a career.

In the midst of the thin, disembodied, virtual community life of the facebook generation a longing seems to be growing for more connection to family, to friends, to local culture.

Instead of moving out (in order to keep "movin' on up" - like The Jeffersons), there seems to be a growing tendency towards putting down deeper roots.

I, for one, hope this trend continues and grows.  Our disconnected, transient culture hasn't done us many favors.

And I sure hope someone has shared this information with Wendell Berry.  He would be very happy.

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