Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Thought on Just Reading the Bible, Straight Up

This last Sunday at DPC we looked at Ecclesiastes 7.1-4.  Whenever we spend time in a passage of Scripture like that, I'm reminded of this encouragement I'd like to give to all Christians:  consider putting aside the devotional books and just read the Bible, straight up.

Reading devotional books can be good.  But learning how to read the actual Scriptures is "better" -- to use the comparative judgment language of the wisdom literature that we talked about on Sunday.

Some devotional books are better than others, so this isn't a blanket condemnation.  But most devotional books seem to have as their goal to help you "think positively" about the day you're about to enter.

It seems that all of the happy, uplifting, perky, & peppy passages of the Bible have been carefully cut out of their overall context & and then pasted back together in this non-contexutal collection of peaceful thoughts.

But that's not what God, in his wisdom, gave us.  He gave us 66 amazing books -- some law, some narrative, some poetry, some history, some wisdom literature, some prophets, some prayers, some apocalyptic, some gospels, some epistles, etc.

And learning how to explore and navigate all of what he actually gave us is foundational to Christian maturity.

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