Friday, September 7, 2012

Do you remember your great-grandfather?

In Psalm 19.14 King David calls the Lord his rock and his "redeemer."

In Psalm 103.4 David says that the Lord is the one who "redeems your life from the pit."

The word "redeemer" was a rich word with many deep connotations for David.

Do you remember your great-grandfather?  I remember two of mine, and they are very fond memories indeed.

King David could remember at least one of his great-grandfathers.  His name was Boaz.  And David's understanding of what it meant to be a "redeemer" would have been inevitably bound up with his memories of this great man and how he "redeemed" David's great-grandmother Ruth and another  relative (and Ruth's former mother-in-law), Naomi.

At DPC we're about to embark upon a series of studies in Ruth.  Go ahead and read it.  It's short.  Note especially whenever it mentions that beautiful word -- "redeemer" -- and what the word means in that context.

It's a word that virtually sings in the Bible... and calls us to sing.  And in the Old Testament it's always a word that prepares us for Someone Else... another Redeemer... who was also a relative of King David's -- though in the other genealogical direction.

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