Saturday, September 1, 2012

What Creates The Church?

There are lots of things that you can create a church around...

  • your ethnic group
  • your social class
  • awesome music
  • great programs
  • a fantastic building
  • a denominational identity 
  • the personality of "the leader"
  • a sense of comfort & belonging 
  • community (or global) service projects
  • social opportunities for different "groups"
  • small groups
  • etc.
And all of those things can be used towards great ends, but the true church is ultimately built around one thing:  the Word of God.  

When trying to make sense of how his life's work had changed the world forever, Martin Luther once said: "I simply taught, preached, wrote God's Word: otherwise I did nothing... The Word did it all."

An article in The New Yorker magazine once mocked churches that forget this:
“The preacher, instead of looking out upon the world, looks out upon public opinion, trying to find out what the public would like to hear.  Then he tries his best to duplicate that, and bring his finished product into a marketplace in which others are trying to do the same.  The public, turning to our church culture to find out about the world, discovers there is nothing but its own reflection.”
Tomorrow at DPC we'll be considering the place of The Word of God in our lives, both individually and as a church.  Come join us!

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