Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Colonel Invites You... to Oktoberfest!

Members of the DPC church family may recognize the man in the picture above.  That's Larry Rowlette Colonel Cullman, and he's inviting all of us to Oktoberfest!

The festival lasts from October 6 to October 13, with Saturday, October 13 being the most event-filled day on the schedule.  If you're looking for some fun family-style memories, you should check it out.

The Colonel himself is your emcee and host throughout the festival and the fun includes geocaching, photography contests, arts and crafts, kids games, lots and lots and lots and lots of great German food, live German music, many other types of live music as well, dancing, a street sale, a car show, walking tours, a Zumba Party, story-telling, words like "BratFest"& "Festhalle," fun contests, regular races, bed races, wiener dog races (also known as Hundfest), mud runs, the Bratwurst Eating Contest, the Burgermeister Ball, and also lots and lots and lots and lots of great German food, etc.

There is a stack of Oktoberfest schedules / brochures on a table in the DPC Gathering Room.  Or, you can visit the Cullman Oktoberfest website by clicking HERE.

Last year I took some children to Oktoberfest and one of my sons won the Alphorn Contest.

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  1. yippee. this is great. thank you, pastor. it means so much to Larry that you (and others from church) support him. i hope folks do come to oktoberfest. it is such a fun event - with something for everyone. thank you for plugging larry, err, i mean the colonel and his community service.