Monday, October 29, 2012

The Holocaust

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The most recent two newsletters are full of stories of loving people well so that we might boldly proclaim the gospel to them with some credibility... glimpses into the up and down adventures of language school... thoughts on the different "ways" that missions might be pursued... the heartbreak of  witnessing active, raw, old-school idolatry... wonderments on a what a "reached" people group would look like... and a great little video, letting us see what a normal Saturday in Peru looks like.  Watch it with your kids!  I did.

But Sean also regularly includes an article that challenges or encourages or informs.  I've pasted in the most recent article below...

by Sean DeMars

I’m sitting here looking at a picture of the Allied Forces leading some german nationals through a tour of the concentration camp at Dachau. Later, the British forces would even force some of these same civilians to help them drag the victims bodies to mass grave sites. Why did they do this? Because many of the germans living around the concentration camps claimed ignorance of the activities taking place within them. Whether their plea of ignorance was true or not was of no consequence to the Allied Forces. They were going to make sure they could never claim ignorance again.

It’s so easy for us to ignore abortion because we don’t have to confront it. We don’t have to deal with it in it’s most vivid forms. The fact of the matter is: we live in a time where we can totally avoid the gruesome horrors of abortion, if we so choose. The other fact of the matter is this: modern technology can aid us in confronting the world with the concentration camp-like horrors of abortion. Like never before, we understand the fetus. Like never before, science is unified in the understanding that life begins at conception. Like never before, we can disseminate the horrors of abortion. Like never before, we can put these truths in peoples faces. We can keep them from ignoring the evil that sits before them.

I once listened to a doctor describe how he performs abortions. It wasn’t pretty. He described the cracking of skulls, the tearing off of limbs, and the saline solution that he used to burn babies to death inside the womb. It was horrible. The terror of such descriptions are only amplified as I sit and look at my beautiful ten month old daughter. Not more than a year ago, while she was still safe in her mothers womb, it would have been perfectly legal to rip her limb from limb, crack her skull, snip her spinal chord, and suction her out of her mothers womb.

The Nazis killed roughly 6,500,000 people in their concentration camps. If you want to count the Soviet prisoners that died in labor camps, that number would shoot up by about 2 million. 8.5 million people. That kind of number is hard for us to comprehend. Besides blades of grass, leaves on a tree, or grains of sand, few of us have ever seen 8.5 million of anything all at once. It’s hard for us to picture 8.5 million people. Most of us, when asked to imagine an astronomical amount of people, will probably imagine a large concert venue, packed to the brim, which is nothing compared to 8.5 million. A drop in the water pale. To put things in perspective: the population of New York City was 8,175,00 in 2010. That’s a few hundred thousand less than 8.5 million. Close, but no cigar. Imagine that. An entire metropolitan city worth of people…dead.

It’s all quite horrific, isn’t it? Can you imagine trying to stack that many bodies? Now imagine this: 54,559,617 babies. That’s an ocean of infants, isn’t it? They’re dead. They’re all dead. Not from miscarriage, or SIDS, or some freak accident. They’ve all been murdered. Their mothers, their family doctors, and the fathers who encouraged it (or acted with disinterest), they’re all guilty. I’m writing this article at 9:36a.m., and according to the life clock, there have already been 1,378 children murdered today in the United States of America. As of today: October 24, 2012, there have been 1,272,567,864 abortions worldwide….since 1980. That’s 1 billion, two hundred and seventy two million, five hundred and sixty seven thousand, eight hundred and sixty four dead babies. Dead.

Mention the holocaust to anyone and watch the tone of the conversation change. Speak of the deaths, show the pictures of the corpses, describe the medical experiments, and watch as people react with shock and awe, moral outrage, and a good dose of righteous indignation. Praise God. Describe a sea of dead infants with their skulls crushed in and their limbs torn off, and watch the conversation turn to rape, incest, and a long list of other “yeah butts”. Listen to the conversation turn to women’s rights and the power to choose. Prepare yourself for the backlash of pejoratives and insults.

Christians, we are called to be salt and light in this bland and dark world. We are called to defend the helpless. We are called to pursue justice. And we do. The Lord is obviously working and moving in and through his Church. I think he may be calling is to more, though. More than what we’re doing now. For the glory of God and the good of our neighbors, he’s calling us to do more. Not to earn his favor, but because of his love and because of his grace. I know, I know, not everyone is called to focus specifically on abortion. That’s ok. That’s great. I thank God that he sets men in different directions, with different plans, for his own glorious purposes.

I just want to pose a question to you: can we do more? I believe there were many genuine believers who had to stand before God and give an account for their indifference towards chattel slavery. There were probably a great many more who had to give an account for their indifference towards the civil rights struggles of America’s yesteryear. I think I can say with confidence that a great many Christians will have to give an account for their indifference to the sea of dead infants in our midst. I don’t say that en route to a full blown guilt trip. I say that with a broken heart, convicted conscience, and finger turned up to detect the wind of my own hypocrisy.

Family, I ask again: Can we do more? Is the Lord pleased with our indifference? Does the gospel that saved us while we were helpless motivate us to save those in the same condition? Let me ask it another way: Is God receiving the most glory from our lives? Are we acting in such a way as to redeem the time, free the slaves, defend the helpless, love the weak, and inform the ignorant? I know I’m not the example. This article, however, is just one of many tiny steps I’m taking in order to try and move in the right direction. By the grace of God, maybe we can all labor harder, pray more fervently, and cry more passionately for the lives of the unborn.

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