Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Offering Prayer for DPC's Newest Members

This last Lord's Day, we had something wonderful happen at DPC.  We took in new members -- which is always wonderful.  But these new members were rather unique.

They were "skyped" into the worship service from Peru!

If you visit Ransom Road on occasion, you've seen some of Sean & Amber DeMars' newsletters posted here.  If you click on the DeMars label on the side bar over there, you will find several entries.

We are so happy to make and receive official promises of love and faith and commitment and sacrificial service with these precious, blood-bought saints of the Lord Christ.  One of the first ways we're going to serve them as new members is this: we're putting together a care package to send their way.  If you'd like to participate in that, let me know.

But this morning let me invite you to offer prayer for the Sean & Amber & Patience.  They're doing a difficult and glorious thing for the honor of the Most High God.  Let's pray for them now.

Below are a few requests from their most recent newsletter:

We have a few really unique opportunities ahead of us. Please pray that the Lord would provide the wisdom, grace, and finances to carry them out. 
Spanish is going well. We’re coming up on the “subjunctive mood” here in about a week. This is supposedly the boogie monster of spanish. That can be prayer request number 2. 
We are beginning to feel the effects of life without community. Prayer request number 3 can be for our joy in Christ, and not in people or circumstances. 
Amber is getting over some sickness. So far, for the family totally, we have to be up to at least 20 by now. Prayer request number 4 could be for the health of our family.
When people see Americans, they see dollar signs. People trying to hustle us has increased as of late. Please pray that we would handle these situations with the same grace that was shown to us when Christ saved us. 
Finally, please be praying for our teammates. They are trying to reach their support goals, and they have hit a bit of a plateau. Pray that the Lord would provide their necessary income.

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