Friday, January 25, 2013

an e-mail to the men of the church...

Tomorrow DPC holds a Prayer for Reformation & Revival service.  And all Christians are invited, male & female.  But here's an e-mail I sent out to the men of the church especially...

Iron Men,

It would be a great thing if every man in the church could devote at least one hour (or even half an hour) on Saturday to our time of prayer for reformation & revival.  Anytime 8:00 - 4:30.  Just come and go as you have need.

"Despite their overthrow, the powers of darkness have not yet conceded their defeat; they continue to contest every inch of their territory. The kingdom of Satan retreats only as the kingdom of God advances."
~John Stott

"The man who is content to sit ignorantly by his own fireside, wrapped up in his own private affairs, and has no public eye for what is going on in the church and the world, is a miserable patriot, and a poor style Christian."
~J.C. Ryle

Let's pray for the Kingdom to come.

Iron Men of DPC
Forged by God; Sharpened by Brothers
Iron sharpens Iron, and one man sharpens another. ~ Proverbs 27.17

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