Monday, January 14, 2013

Colca Canyon... Peru.

Please take a moment to read this latest update from the DeMars -- DPC members who are serving Christ & his mission in Peru.  Let's stop & pray for them.  Now.

By Sean & Amber DeMars:

Hey everyone, sorry for such a long break between newsletters. Things have been crazy here, but crazy in a good way. Let’s jump into it.

We took a trip to Colca Canyon and were absolutely blown away by the beauty of it. Peru is truly an amazing country. Most missionaries take vacations before leaving the states, but we felt like that might make our departure more difficult. So, during our school break, we decided to take advantage of the economical vacation opportunities Peru has to offer, and our whole family was squared away for 100 dollars even. It was a good time for our souls. We needed to rest and relax. 

Now we’re back at it again with school and studying. We only have two weeks left. Please pray that we will use these two weeks well. Whatever we don’t learn here will have to be caught rather than taught. 

Sean is still battling his stomach problems. If you’re ever wondering what to pray for, you can always start there. 

Sean will be preaching his first sermon, to a church, in spanish, Sunday the 27th. Please pray that the Lord would bless the proclamation of his Word. 

We won’t be having internet access for much longer, so email and call while you can. 

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