Monday, January 28, 2013

Transitions in Peru: Pray for the DeMars

DPC members Sean & Amber DeMars are preparing for one of the big turning points in their work in Peru; let's pray for them.

Here's the latest update:

By Sean DeMars:

Alright, everyone. We are officially finished with language school. We have our plane tickets to Lima purchased, and we will be heading out Tuesday morning. Tuesday night, we will meet up with the Helms Family and help them get settled in. 
We will then spend a week in Lima. During that week, we're going to get Patience's Carnet, eat a lot of Dunkin Doughnuts, and try to relax as much as possible. 
Then we will head out to Iquitos where we will do all the final planning and preparation before we head into the jungle. Between now and then, expect at least two more newsletters. 
We love and miss everyone at home. We pray for all of our friends regularly, and we delight to know that many of you all remember us in your prayers as well.
Be encouraged, brothers and sisters, the Lord is with us. Not only that, but he is in complete control. He has a fierce hunger for the glory of his name, and he might just use weak vessels like us to proclaim it. 

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