Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Final Word From Sean & Amber (for a good while)...

Their Wedding Day

As my brother & friend (or "broseph," as he's teaching me to say) would smile to read, I have to quibble violently with his characterization of the "N/A" spiritual condition of a covenant child -- the recipient of so many amazing promises from God...

...but having mentioned that objection, I wholeheartedly encourage you to read this last note from the DeMars before they head out into the jungles of Peru, carrying the strong message of God's love for the wayward children of Adam in the redeeming work of Christ.

And if you wanted to see a last video they made for their church family at DPC, click HERE.

Last One For A While

Hey friends! We are all packed up ready to hit the airport. Our flight heads out from Lima at four, and we’ll be in Iquitos by 6:30. We’ll spend a few days there, and come Monday, we’ll be catching our barge and heading to our new home in the jungle. Since this may be our last update for a while, we wanted to give you guys a thorough view of where we are and how we’re doing. Here we go...

Amber and Patience are perfect specimens of human health. Patience is a little small for her age, but she’s as healthy as a horse. She’s walking and grabbing things...a lot. Yay! *sarcasm*. She can say 5-6 words now, and she’ll be writing her memoirs within the year. Amber is also the perfect health specimen.

I, on the other hand, seem to be dealing with non-stop issues. My knee injury (from the Army days) is still bothering me, I tore a muscle in my neck, and my stomach is just non-stop angry at me. All in all, though, we can’t complain. The Lord has sustained us and will continue to do so.

Amber is both excited and anxious. Excited to be moving to our new home, and anxious about the same. Patience is cold chillin’. She does usually take a little while to adapt to a new place, but after living in seven houses over the course of her one year, she’s getting used to the process. Thankfully, she won’t have to for much longer.

I’m a little anxious about stomach issues when we get to the jungle. Other than that, I’m ready to get everything going.

Patience: N/A (totally depraved) LOL

Amber and Sean: We’re doing well, I think, although we could certainly stand to spend more time in the scriptures. Constant moving makes it difficult to (see: gives you an excuse to not) keep up the spiritual disciplines. We’re both looking forward to getting back into a routine, both individually and as a family.

The Lord has been kind to us. He has provided and will continue to do so. In a situation like ours, one thing is certain: We are in constant need of a miracle. It just so happens that we serve a God who makes his name great through the miraculous.

 No burger king.

No Mc Donalds.

No Chili’s.

No Walmart.

No air conditioning.

No cold water.

No ice.

No clean water except for what you clean yourself.

No Reeses or Oreos

No ranch dressing.

No salad.

No steak.

No hamburgers.

No car.

No comfy couch to take a nap on.

No television.

No football.

No chex mix.

No break from the mosquitos.

No emergency room for when the baby has a fever.

No healthy church.

No family.

No Barnabas.

No Mt. Dew.

No going to the movies.

No youtube.

No Library.

No email.

No facebook.

No swimming pools.

No washing machine.

No dryer.

No fridge.

No dishwasher.

No 24hrs. of electricity.

No hot water, unless you heat it on a fire.

No gym.

No ITunes.

No iphones.

No words with friends.

No best friends.

No chinese food when you just don’t feel like cooking.

No comfy bed.

No english speaking friends.

No getting away from the spiders, snakes, cockaroaches, rats, etc.




This will be our life. But maybe, by God’s grace, we’ll be able to add:

No wasted life.

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