Thursday, February 14, 2013

Have you prayed for the DeMars lately?

I don't know exactly how, but DPC members/missionaries Sean & Amber DeMars were able to get this sent out even after they departed for the jungles of Peru... 

By Sean & Amber DeMars
We are doing this one a little differently because we can't get access to our newsletter website right now. One of our best friends is sending this out for us.

We headed to the jungle yesterday at 2pm. So, this is it. We have a new address where all packages can be sent:

Sean and Amber Demars
Castilla Postal 188
Iquitos, Peru

Since leaving a ton of people have been wanting to send us packages. As it turns out it is a lot easier to get packages here in Iquitos. So we are now glad to 
receive them. Here are some things that we would be interested in:
- Gatorade powder (they don't have it here)
- Beef jerky
- Seasonings (chili, fajita, taco, ranch, etc.)
- Sweets (double stuffed oreos and the like)
- Good books... "good" being the keyword.
- Amber would like an electric shaving razor (with batteries not cord). It makes things a little easier.
- Multivitamins
- And...Sean needs another pair of Jordan Shorts. His were torn pretty badly. He wears XXL.

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