Thursday, March 21, 2013


Most babies come of out the womb wailing in fear.  Think about it.

"What's happening!?!?!  Where did the snuggly sleeping bag go?  Why is it so cold?  Who's grabbing me?  WHY are you sticking your fingers in my mouth?  What are you SLAPPING me for?!?!?... Why do I have to BREATHE?!?"  

That's the way we come into this world.  And it's pretty scary, apparently.  Most babies (in my experience of five) cry and scream when they come out.  They're terrified.

But a little over five years ago this little girl came into the world as calm as a cucumber.  As cool as a simile.  As collected as a Hindu cow.  No worries.  No fear.  If you didn't know any better, you'd swear she had done this before.

All she did was look around.  And blink those big, beautiful eyes that God gave her.  It was stunning.  Absolutely stunning.

And it seems to me that she still has no fear today.  She can be the most undaunted, daring, stouthearted, tenacious, adventuresome little swashbuckler I know.  A visiting friend once said he didn't want to do something because he might die.  She looked at him with a fierce puzzlement and said, "But then you get to see Jesus!"

And then, on a dime, she can turn into the sweetheart princess from a fairytale.  She's awesome.

Some of her current favorite things include playgrounds, eating, being five, enjoying her friends, her three brothers, her sister, her mother, singing, dancing, and playing pool at The Brick with her dad---which she's done one time.  

Caitlin, my prayer for you this year that you've turned five is that you will live in the new life and living hope that is given to us through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.  That you will always look to the inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven for you.  That by God's power you will be guarded through faith for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.  I pray that you will rejoice in this life, even if---for a little while---you find yourself grieved by various trials.  I pray that the tested genuineness of your faith---more precious than gold that perishes though it is tested by fire---may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ.  I pray that you will continue to always love him and believe in him and know a joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory---as you obtain the outcome of your faith, the salvation of your soul.   (1 Peter 1.3-9)  

"Be kind to thy father, for when thou were young,
who loved thee so fondly as he?
He caught the first accents that fell from thy tongue,
and joined in thy innocent glee."
Margaret Courtney

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