Monday, March 4, 2013

Some Thoughts on Musical Maturity in the Kingdom of God

DPC has a great philosophy of worship music, along with some extremely talented musicians.  It's a privilege to be served by them every Lord's Day.

What follows are just some stray thoughts about music in worship that I wrote down after talking to some friends in St. Louis back in January:

If a church has two worship services and two completely different styles of music in those worship services, how is that embodying the Kingdom of Heaven?  Is it not perhaps embodying our own kingdoms, along preferential lines?

It's a question worth asking, it seems to me.  How much better would it be for the body of Christ to worship together in a local church and learn how to sing and enjoy each others' songs?

After all, the church is called to be the embodiment of this new world that Jesus is calling into being (Matthew 19.28)... not just a "nice" version of the old world, where we commonly divide up everything along the preferential lines of our own individual kingdoms.

Perhaps it's not such a bad thing for people to occasionally be musically uncomfortable in worship.  Because if you're always completely comfortable (musically-speaking) in worship, then that means that your neighbor probably is not.

The glory of the saints' worship of God did not end in 1950.  Let's not be ridiculous.

But... the glory of the saints' worship of God did not begin in 1950 either.  Let's not be ridiculous.

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