Friday, May 3, 2013

Man Night!

Iron Men,

Think about this... in the Lord's Prayer we pray that God might give us our daily bread, right?

How exactly does God answer that prayer for you?

Well, there's the guy who sells seed to the farmer.  There's the farmer himself.  There's the banker who lent the farmer money for the tractor.  There are the people who made the tractor, and the other people who sold the tractor.  There are the harvesters.  There's the baker.  There's the cook.  There's the truck driver who delivered it all to the grocery store.  There are the grocery store employees.  There's also the lady at the checkout counter, or the kid handing you your cheeseburger through the fast food window.  And a whole lot more as well, but you get the point.

All of this... just to give you your daily bread.  All of these different people and their work... God used every last one of them (in answer to your prayer) to give you the food you ate yesterday.

This is the doctrine of vocation.  This is the dignity of all honorable work.  God provides for our needs through one another's work.  I serve you and you serve me, all through the particular work that God Himself has called us to.

God is powerfully at work in this world through the means of vocation.

That's what we're talking about tonight at Man Night.  And it's about the most practical thing you can imagine, in a thousand different ways.  Hope to see you there!

Iron Men of DPC
Forged by God; Sharpened by Brothers
Iron sharpens Iron, and one man sharpens another. ~ Proverbs 27.17

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