Thursday, September 12, 2013

News from Peru!

Sean & Amber -- DPC members & missionaries -- have sent out this wonderful update:


Alright guys, we are proud to announce to you all Isabella Faith DeMars, baby no. 2. We have been trying to find out the sex for the last five weeks, and now we finally know! We are super excited and can't wait for December to get here. 

A few of you all have also asked about stuff for the new baby. Amber put together a registry at Here's the link:  

Prayer Requests:

- Sean is going back into the jungle for a few days. He'll be preaching and getting to know the community a little better during his visit. Please pray that the Lord would go before him and prepare hearts for the glorious gospel of Christ. 

- Amber is doing a lot better this pregnancy. All of the "morning sickness" has subsided. Please pray for her continuing health, as well as that of baby Isabella. 

- The new baby will also bring a big batch of new expenses. Big ones. As most of you know, we haven't done any fundraising for support, so any expenses over 2 US dollars are a little overwhelming. lol. Please pray for 1) our provision, 2) our trust in Christ, not in our circumstances.

- Our teammates are also expecting a new baby. Please pray that our team can cope with two new babies.

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