Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Children's Sermon Notes

One thing we do every week at DPC (unless there's a guest preacher) is publish Children's Sermon Notes for the children of the church.  There are always six questions -- multiple choice, true / false, fill in the blank, short answer, draw a picture, etc. -- that are designed to help the children follow the flow of thought in the sermon.  And then there's one take away point at the end.

Occasionally something a child draws is shared with me... & it's usually awesome.

The picture above was drawn by Grayson Keith.  The point of the illustration was the need to put on the helmet of salvation, so that your head (your ability to think like a Christian) will be protected in the midst of all the "hits" your head (your thinking) takes from the world, the flesh, & the devil.

Thank you, Grayson, for making the point so vividly!

"Young men and maidens together, old men and children!  Let them praise the name of the Lord, for his name alone is exalted; his majesty is above earth and heaven." ~ Psalm 148

Saturday, March 1, 2014

"I got six."

Me:  "What do you like most about being six?"

C:  "Having presents when I got six!"

Me:  Presents are fun!  Anything else?

C:  "Loving you even better.  Because when I get older, I love you better.  But I love God more."