Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Update: DeMars

If it's been a while since you've caught up with the DeMars (DPC members & missionaries to Peru), please take a moment & read... & pray...

Thorough Update

Hey everyone, it’s that time again: Another update from the most mediocre missionaries you know.

So, here’s the deal. After leaving Lima a little over a month ago, we got to Yurimaguas and immediately got to the business of getting set up in our new home, (rented) and establishing our rhythm in the family, church, and ministry spheres.

We also bought a motorcycle which I, (Sean) learned how to drive in about a day, and which Amber will be learning to drive very soon. Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to look cool on my motorcycle because everyone here, (literally…men, women, and children) ride motorcycles. I still try, though. How can I not? I like to rev the engine up at stoplights and wink at whatever little child that may be beholding me in all of my glory. Seriously, though, the moto has been a huge blessing to us and will -over the long run- save us a lot of money in transportation costs.


None of us are sick; praise the Lord! We haven’t really had any serious sicknesses among us for a couple of months. If y’all remember the first year and all the issues I (Sean) had, then you know how much of a blessing it is to be feeling good.

Mentally & Emotionally:

We’re doing good. Our last month in Lima was a bit rocky with a bunch of emotional ups and downs, but to be home, settled, and really in a good place in all spheres of our life is definitely keeping us all on an even keel.


Amber and I are doing a good job of staying in the scriptures, could be doing better with prayer, and are resting on the top of a mountain of evidences that the grace of God is with us. Obviously, in theory, our peace should be with us whether or not we are feeling or seeing such evidences, but in real life, that isn’t always the case, so we are certainly thankful to be reminded in concrete ways that the Lord is with us.


I (Sean) am reading through 9 Marks of a Healthy Church with the local pastor, Otoniel, for whom you all can certainly be praying as the Lord leads. I’m also teaching through the book of Ephesians and several chapters of the book of Luke. Additionally, I’m beginning to do some additional teaching on the side with some Shawi (a people group in the jungles of Northern Peru) pastors.


The baby was a big hit, and the house set up and motorcycle hit us too, but due to the faithfulness of a small group of saints (yes, I know I’m repeating myself,) we’re still here, and we have no plans of leaving anytime soon…Lord willing.

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  1. Skyped with the DeMars last week. So fun to chat with them, and hear a little more about their life in Peru. Thanks for posting the update!