Monday, April 14, 2014

Where We're Headed... not your grandparents' USA

A good reality check from DPC member & missionary & very insightful child of grace, Sean DeMars...

To my brothers and sisters in the states: Please know and realize that you are at a very crucial point-in-time in the life of the american church. The Pendulum was released decades ago, and is finally at the point of passing momentum. What this means for you all is for God to know, and for you and your children to find out. We can say, though, that all evidence is pointing to a country where you are going to have to really deal with the fact that you’re all exiles. 
Of course (how dare I?!?) you already knew that. If you didn’t, though, you will soon. Your children are going to grow up in an America where the ruling sentiments and moral majority will be vastly and violently opposed to your own, and that’s going to be new for all of us. It won’t be neutral, though. It will be a war, and you and your children will be the ones “they” seek to conquer. Or, maybe it would be better to say that “the faith once and for all delivered to the saints” will be the object of their wrath, and if you’re holding tight to that faith, you WILL be caught in the colateral damage. Shrapnel to the face and neck.
Compromise will continue to deepen. Degradation will be public. Fear mongering and peer pressuring will move the faith to a place where one will have to decide whom they serve on a daily basis. You and yours will come to understand the struggles of our brothers and sisters in oppressed countries in a way that you only thought you had before.  
Am I being dramatic? I don’t think so. I feel pretty level headed. I can look at the sky and see when the rain is about to fall. Our master taught us to look at the sky (Matt 16:1-3), did he not? I’m not saying this will be all bad, either. It won’t. Funny thing is, the faith really seems to flourish under oppression, and seems to shrivel and whither in the wide open air of complete freedom. 
So why even mention this? Preparation. Some of you may know that Amber and I lost our first baby. It was a miscarriage and it was a very tough time for us. Thankfully, we had been thinking and studying through the depths of the sovereignty of God in our suffering, and how it all works for our good and His glory, (for scripture ref. please see: the entire Bible.) When the tragedy hit, and theory became reality, we weren’t blindsided. 
The punch that hurts the worst is the one you don’t see coming. Brothers in Christ, if you don’t see this punch coming it’s because you don’t want to see it. Things are changing, and we’re on the losing end. But that’s the thing, isn’t it? We’re never, ever, ever on the losing end, are we? If we suffer, we share in Christ’s sufferings. If we die, we get to be with Christ forever. If we get put in jail, we get to proclaim the good news to the captives, and if nothing happens…well, it’s probably best not to speculate. 

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