Monday, June 9, 2014

Christianity & Racism

I'm sure you've heard well-meaning people say things like, "I don't see race... I don't see color."

I must confess that when I hear this, I think these well-meaning people have, sadly, lost something beautiful.

You don't see race?  You don't see color?  Why not?  God, in his wisdom, made all the varieties of race.  God, in crafting humanity in his own glorious image, made all the rich hues of color.  Why would you want to miss out on that?  It's amazing.  (That is, the reflected glory of God is amazing, not the unthinking evasion of this reflected glory.)

If you're a friend of Ransom Road or DPC, you've heard me mention the names Sean & Amber DeMars, our members & missionaries in Peru.  In fact, they have their very own label here on Ransom Road.  Yes, they have "arrived."

Sean has recently written an article on "The Race Conversation" in American evangelical churches.  It's so very encouraging.  Read it now or you are definitely a racist.


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