Monday, July 7, 2014


Just in the last few weeks, I've heard it several times over.  I'll refrain from specific quoting, but it's all driven by:

a deep concern for the younger generation leaving the faith...

a deep concern for the country pulling up all moral anchors...

a deep concern for the future of American culture...

a deep concern for the church's ability to somehow be heard in today's world...

a deep concern for consequences of this or that trajectory...

I don't know anything about the author of the article linked below.  I've never read him before, to my knowledge.  But his three points are solid & wise, in my opinion.

Rather than distressed hand-wringing, he basically suggests:

  • taking the mission of the gospel more seriously
    • stop being shocked... be salt & light
  • taking the cultivation of intergenerational church community more seriously
    • a crucial way of taking discipleship more seriously
  • taking Christ himself more seriously
    • "holy and true" - Revelation 6.10

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