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Sean & Amber DeMars... two years in

This picture was taken on the day the DeMars left the USA for Peru.  It was July 2, 2012.

It's been two years since our DPC members & missionaries left for Peru.  Read their latest email update below.  Give thanks and pray.  Repeat.


Two Years Ago Today...

 We sold what we could, gave away the rest, said our goodbyes, and got on a plane to Peru. We landed in Lima, Peru, ready to execute our plan, and truth be told, as far as plans go, we had a good one.

We had a team of like minded individuals. We had a people group to reach. We had a home already built and ready to receive our families in the jungle. We had been invited into the village where we were to live, which isn’t all too common. Our team had long-term connections with local pastors, churches, and missionaries. We had a balanced long term plan with a set of mini-goals to help us get to the finish line. It’s safe to say that our team had a great plan and our family felt good about how prepared we were to handle whatever was thrown at us.

Of course, within the first year, our whole plan came shredded into a million pieces of reality shrapnel, thereby showing us the “true trueness” (this phrase is copyrighted and the intellectual property of Sean Demars Inc.) of Proverbs 19:21. We’ve now been in Peru for two years to the day, and I think it’s safe to say that things are radically different than what we had envisioned. I also think that that’s o.k. I didn’t initially, though. It took some convincing.

As a true red, white, and blue blooded American, I see everything in bullet point. Every task can be broken down into subtasks, and each one of those subtasks can be completed in perfect succession, thereby leading one to the perfection execution of one’s goal. Unfortunately, that is very rarely how life goes, and even less often is it what leads to success. When we got on that plane two years ago, we had, in conjunction with our teammates, a “perfect” 10 point plan, which we were sure would be chipped away at little by little until it was fully and terrifically executed.

It can be hard when the Lord rips up the contract you hand Him. It can tempt you to despair, and to doubt the call and purpose He may have given you. In the end though, it is ALWAYS to your advantage that He is quick to strip you of your delusions. I can say that with confidence, having seen His handy work often.

Since that day two years ago, we have been blessed beyond measure in so many different areas, the main ones being the birth of our second child, Isabella, and the incredibly miraculous way in which the Lord has supported us financially through the generosity of family, friends, and even complete strangers.

We’ve also had our fair share of trials, ranging from pastors sexually abusing their sheep, to two years of non-stop “slidin’ into third” diarrhea. Some trials have been more trying than others, and we have handled some of them better than we’ve handled others, but overall we have seen the hand of God in every single one of them, even if we’ve only been able to barely see it through the tears clouding up our vision.

We are currently residing in Yurimaguas, a tiny city in the middle of the jungle. Our lives here mainly consist of boredom and parasites. I know that’s not very exciting. People aren’t gong to write books about us. The majority of our lives involve going to the market and preparing food for the day. When we’re not dong that, Sean is teaching, or the whole family is at church. Our sole mission right now is to continue to build relationships with local churches, disciple pastors, and prepare indigenous missionaries to go to their unreached neighbors.

We’re forming relationships with local churches, and the discipleship piece is (as it should be) a slow, methodical, and (hopefully) organic process. We’re not going to be sending any indigenous missionaries to the Urarina any time soon. Sorry, guys. I wish there was something more to say there. I wish I could report a revival, a church plant, or even a conversion to you all, but I can’t. We could have probably taken a few short cuts here and there, dumped a bunch of money into the wrong hands, and put on a big tent show for the sake of “missions”, and having done that, we’d probably be in a much different situation right now.

We’d be sending you pictures, videos, and email updates of the wonderful things God is doing here in Peru. We could trick you. We could even deceive ourselves. What you wouldn’t see, though, would be the dilapidated, empty churches that would be left in our wakes as we jetted out of country one day. You wouldn’t see how empty it all is, built on the foundations of man and his “wisdom”, as opposed to God and His glory. Paul tells us in First Corinthians, chapter three,  that every workers work will be tested one day, and when that day comes, I don’t want our work here to burn up like straw.

That means that we are playing the long game. That means we are being quick to hear and slow to speak (well, I (sean), am trying to…), and we are prepared to go slow enough so that we don’t blow out our quads before the end of the race.

My grandmother really helps me stay grounded as I remember her life. She was an officer in the Air Force. She held two doctorates and three masters. She was world renown for her knowledge and expertise  in certain areas, and she accumulated a great deal of wealth, respect, and relative power during her lifetime. I’m sure that almost anyone who came into contact with her at any point in her life, until her later years, must have felt like they were in the presence of a truly successful person. What they didn’t see, though, were her later years, and how her world came crashing down around her, and how her sins finally caught up to her, and how she died broke, alone, and insane. She ran the race well for fifty some-odd years, but her legs and lungs gave out a few hundred feet from the finish line.

If I haven’t bored you to tears by now, I’d like to thank you for reading our updates. Thanks to our computer software choice (Thanks mailchimp!), we know that only about half of you actually even open our updates, much less read them all the way through. So, if you’ve managed to make it this far, I’d like to hit you with just a few more things.

1. We praise God for the health of our daughters.
2. We praise God for the work he’s doing in our lives, even when it stings a little.
3. We praise God for our church, Decatur PCA, for their never ending love and support.
4. We praise God for the fact that the work we are trying to do here in Peru is a work that we can do free from persecution.
5. We thank God for Pioneers. Although we aren’t “official”, they have never once failed to care for us in any way that we may have needed, from counseling to green cards, they’re there for us.

This list could be a million points long, but don’t worry, I’m not going to do that for you. I’ll keep it simple.

1. We need your prayers. For real. We don’t need people who smile in our faces and forget us as soon as they close the news letter. We need people to remember us, to remember our mission, and to remember the unreached peoples here in Peru. Please pray.

2. We need a house. If we’re going to be here long term (and that’s still the plan last time I checked), we need to build a house of our own and have a solid, long-term base. It’s not cheap (no, not even in Peru), to buy land and build a house on it. Considering that we receive a fraction of the support most missionary families do, we don’t have the funds to carry this out any time soon. Please pray that the Lord would provide.

3. Sean needs some more language study. His spanish is going well, but he could use some more classroom time.

4. Finally, we need to do better seeking the Lord, but that doesn’t have much to do with you guys, so I’ll just leave that there for now.

As always, we love and appreciate every single one of you guys, and we thank God for letting us share in His glory with you all.

Sean, Amber, Patience, and Isabella DeMars.
Our Address:

Sean & Amber DeMars
Castilla Postal 168
Yurimaguas, Peru


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