Thursday, September 4, 2014

The DeMars Family Update

Here's the latest news from DPC members & missionaries to Peru, Sean & Amber (& their beautiful daughters Patience & Isabella)...

The DeMars Family Update...

Hey all, we’re back with another update. I know that these updates have been more infrequent as of late, and that’s somewhat intentional. We know that your inbox is prime real estate, and we want to make sure we don’t flood y’all with too much, too often.

There have been a few interesting family and ministry developments as of late. Let’s get into it.

Interesting Family Developments: We’re awesome. We’re growing in awesomeness everyday. Bella’s teeth are coming in, Patience is talking, and Amber has lost all of her baby weight and then some. Patience is making friends with some of the neighborhood children, too. Their favorite game is “Rock Throw”, which is basically EXACTLY what it sounds like. They just throw rocks at each other. We’ll take it. Better than sitting in front of a TV for hours on end.

Interesting Ministry Developments: Our relationship with La Iglesia Central is growing more with each passing weak, and Sean’s teaching is seeming to be bearing some fruit in the life of the church.

Sean has also been forming a tighter relationship with an Elder named Mariano. Mariano has had a solid theological education, but has been in limbo as to how one ought to apply his doctrine to the life of the church. Sean is going to be reading through a few books (in spanish) with the elders of the church and a few of the members with leadership potential.

Additionally, Sean will be teaching a week long class on the Doctrine of God to over forty peruvian pastors in February.

Finally, we’ve begun having conversations, specific conversations, about getting to the Urarina with the gospel. It’s a long, slow process, but we are making progress.

There are several other little things that are going on right now that are encouraging evidences of God’s grace in our lives here in the jungle, but we won’t bore you with every little detail.

Finally, we will be going to Arequipa for two more weeks of language study in October. We haven’t received any additional financial support towards that end, but there are a few things in motion right now that have only further convinced us that Sean needs to continue to pursue excellence with his spanish. Please pray that these two weeks of classroom time will help equip Sean for further learning and acclimation.

Overall, our family is at a peak right now. We’ve had our fair share of Valley’s up to this point, so we’re enjoying the view from here while it lasts. :)

As always, we love to hear from you guys, so don’t hesitate for even a second to write or Skype. 

Sean, Amber, Patience, and Baby Isabella

Our Address:

Sean & Amber DeMars
Castilla Postal 168
Yurimaguas, Peru

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