Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A little advice to husbands...

1.  Invent a reason to take your wife to Birmingham.  Put it on the calendar.

2.  Call (205) 871-9622 a week or so before and make reservations for two.  Request the "chef's table," which does not mean an especially fancy table.  It's just the name for the barstool-table attached to the kitchen; from there you'll be able to watch the dozen or so cooking geniuses going about their dance/work as you enjoy your meal.  Best seats in the house.  Amazing fun.  And, strangely, it's not reserved first.

3.  Be prepared to spend a little bit of money.  Make it a special occasion.

4.  Thank me later.

The place is GianMarco's.  Read more about it HERE.

Best.  Food.  Ever.  

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