Tuesday, March 24, 2015


John Stott once described the Christian as someone who possesses "a submissive spirit, namely their a priori resolve to believe and obey whatever Scripture may be found to teach.  They are committed to Scripture in advance, whatever it may later be found to say."

Whatever it may teach or say.

This is the freedom of the child of God.

I'm not bound to this or that cultural trend... I'm not bound to the shallowness of my own opinions or the times in which I live... I'm not bound to the fear of displeasing this person or having to please that person...

I'm bound to Jesus Christ, as revealed in his Word.  Therefore, I am free.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Questions About Homosexuality & The Bible

Lately at DPC we've been surveying what the Bible has to say about homosexuality.  One of the books I've recommended is Sam Allberry's "Is God anti-gay?," subtitled "And other questions about homosexuality, the Bible and same-sex attraction."

I highly recommend every adult Christian spend some time with this book.  This is an arena of culture where Christians need to be faithfully present, with the gospel.

Below is a list of the "other questions" that Allberry—who has himself struggled with same-sex attraction, but has found rest in Christ—treats in this book:

  • What does the Bible actually say about marriage and sex?
  • What does the Bible actually say about homosexuality?
  • Would a same-sex partnership be ok with God if it's committed & faithful?
  • Does Jesus himself ever talk about these issues?
  • What should a Christian do if he/she finds himself/herself experiencing same-sex attraction?
  • Can God change our sexual desires?
  • Can we really expect unmarried Christians with same-sex attraction to remain single?
  • Can singleness be healthy?
  • What are the main struggles for a Christian dealing with same-sex attraction?
  • How can all of this be part of God's purpose?
  • What do Christians say to people who accuse the church of picking and choosing which Old Testament laws to apply?
  • How should the church regard someone in their midst who is struggling with same-sex attraction?
  • What should we do if a gay couple starts coming to church?
  • Why can't Christians just agree to disagree on this?
  • How should a Christian respond to an unbelieving friend who announces that he/she is gay?
  • What's the best way to bring the gospel to a homosexual friend?
  • How can the church be an effective witness to the world with regard to this issue?
  • What should a Christian do if a Christian friend confesses this struggle to you personally?
  • What does Jesus have to offer the homosexual?
All good questions.  And, Christian, you're going to need to have good answers.  This book is a great place to start.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

"I met this man in October 2008."

At DPC we're about to enter into the final sermon of a three-part mini-series-within-a-series entitled "What Does The Bible Say About Homosexuality?".

Below is a link to the testimony of a woman who met Jesus in October of 2008.
"In comes Jesus. A man, yet fully God. One who is completely faithful to his bride. He died for her sins. He loves her not just in words but in deed. He secured not just her eternity, but protects her on earth. He provides for her needs. He leads her into all truth by his Spirit. He daily lavishes her with himself, the one thing that will make her truly happy."
Previous to meeting this Man, all the other significant men in her life had been abusive, untrustworthy, self-seeking, shallow men who used their power to control women.

Seeing something in this strength to envy, she was led into the lifestyle of lesbianism.  Here, she could play the part of the man.  Here, she could be the one in control.  No more abuse; no more weakness.

But... that was before October of 2008, when she met the True Man, Jesus.

Lots of good insights into the brokenness of sin and the loveliness of redemption.

And the part of her new life I love most: her daughter's name.

Click HERE to read.