Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Fealty - fidelity to a lord; the obligation or the engagement to be faithful to a lord, usually sworn to by a vassal.

One of the greatest pieces of wise counsel anyone can give to a professing Christian is this: if you have not already made a once-for-all, firm decision that you will be committed to the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, do so now.

As a Christian, you are enlisted in the service of the King of kings, and he has commanded your faithfulness to the assembling together of his beloved people.

For a believer, this is not a maybe / maybe not decision that is still up for grabs or dependent upon our feelings or conditioned upon other opportunities on Sunday mornings.

Don't make this decision week by week.

Make it in a firm, decisive, determined, conclusive, once-for-all, strong-minded way, in the name of Jesus.  Make it a vow before the Lord.  And then keep your vows before the Lord.  Psalm 116.14.

There are 1,000 reasons why the Lord—in his glorious wisdom—gave us the church.  It's an act of fidelity to our Lord to believe them all.


  1. I think this was for me. No, I'm sure of it. Thank you, Tommy!

  2. I'm glad you found it helpful! But it's for all of us, I assure you. Grace & peace to you & your family.