Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Our Father

On Sunday, February 7, we begin a new sermon series at DPC.

We'll be looking at The Lord's Prayer.  "Our Father..."

Come Join Us!

“The first three petitions in the Lord’s Prayer express our concern for God’s glory in relation to his name, rule and will…  It is comparatively easy to repeat the words of the Lord’s Prayer like a parrot (or indeed a heathen ‘babbler’). To pray them with sincerity, however, has revolutionary implications, for it expresses the priorities of a Christian. We are constantly under pressure to conform to the self-centeredness of secular culture. When that happens we become concerned about our own little name (liking to see it embossed on our notepaper or hitting the headlines in the press, and defending it when it is attacked), about our own little empires (bossing, ‘influencing’ and manipulating people to boost our ego), and about our own silly little will (always wanting our own way and getting upset when it is frustrated). But in the Christian counter-culture our top priority concern is not our name, kingdom and will, but God’s. Whether we can pray these petitions with integrity is a searching test of the reality and depth of our Christian profession.” 
~John Stott

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