Thursday, February 23, 2017

Amazing Presentation

I may make a brief mention of this presentation in this week's sermon, but allow me to use this venue as well to encourage you to set aside some time, make yourself a cup of coffee, tell the kids to go read a book, and then enjoy this 53 minute presentation:

It's a fascinating and rich demonstration of how the Scripture is very much rooted in real history.

If the Bible is just someone's literary invention for private religious experiences, let's not waste too much time with it.  But if it's an eyewitness account of God's invasion of space and time, revealing himself to his people... then let us honor it above all.  (Psalm 138.2)


  1. This is a useful presentation, but it's done awfully. I've seen similar work only among beginners, who are only learning to make quality presentations. I advise you to use templates for this check this link right here now. This will allow you to provide information in the best possible way. This is very important if you want that it would interest someone.

  2. That was great, Tommy. Thanks for sharing the link. And I trust you chased the link in the video's description over to the BBC bit showing the ESV translation discussuon featuring a guy we dig?