Thursday, February 16, 2017

Muche Ukegbu

Come join us this weekend for PART I of the 2017 DPC MISSIONS CONFERENCE!

Our first special speaker will be Muche Ukegbu, pictured above with his beautiful family.  I met Muche and his wife and heard them both speak back in the summer.  They are wonderful, and I'm so thankful they're coming to DPC.

The first few words of Muche's bio... "Muche was born dead in every sense of the word.  The doctors frantically rushed to resuscitate him as his family begged God to spare his life.  God in His mercy restored his life, thus he was named Onyemauchechukwu (imagine how kindergarten was for him!).  Translated this name means "no one knows God's mind."  Though he ran from the God that gave life to his body, Jesus wouldn't let him get away...".


  • Church Dinner, presentation by Muche
  • 9:30 AM, presentation by Much
  • 10:45 AM, Worship Service, sermon by Muche

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